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Best Western Congress Hotel
Cadent Resources Group (USA)
Clan Media (Australia)
College of Engineering
American University of Armenia
Intracom Armenia
Microsoft (Armenia)
MIT Armenian Society

Dear visitor, you already know who we are and how we want to contribute to the development of Armenia and to the formation of new generation IT specialists. Do you want to join the team of specialists and supporters who are already participating in the strengthening of Armenia's future? Your assistance would be very valuable:

  • if you are an IT specialist with important experience and innovative knowledge, please send your CV, brief description of your offer of cooperation, and your contact points to the email address shown in the footer of this page.
  • if you are representing an organization, which can support (joint projects, opportunities for implementing practical projects, useful services) the mentioned goals, please send your organization's name, contact person info and brief description of your offer of cooperation to the email address shown in the footer of this page.

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