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Projects & Resources

One of the most important priorities of the IT School is implementation of practical projects and works.

Our projects' goals are:

  • to contribute to the development of Armenia and formation of information society
  • to give practical work experience opportunities to IT School students
Technical assistance Free tech assistance and consulting for public good initiatives and organizations i.e.:
- website development for Yerevan N14 special school after N.Tigranyan for children with visual impairments,
- website development for Yerevan N12 special school
Computer lessons Free computer lessons for school children and interested individuals
E-content program Development of information & knowledge in Armenian language (i.e. Wikipedia's Armenian segment development, translation of important texts)
Software localization Development of Armenian software (ie. localization of important applications)
Regional programs  

Our projects are open for your participation. Do you want to participate as a volunteer? Or maybe you have also a specific new project suggestion? Please fill this online form.


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